Sports Kings After Dark- Houston SB Nation 1560 AM, June 3, 2017 Part 1

Sports Kings After Dark is a rebranding of the Sports Kings Talk Show. The show is hosted once again by “MeanGene” along with a whole new cast of characters which includes Mario Cordova, David Ramon and Christopher Tamez. The show is aired on Houston’s SB Nation Radio AM 1560 every Saturday and Sunday evenings from 10pm-midnight.

Saturday night June 3, 2017 edition of "Sports Kings After Dark" Part 1

Game 1 NBA Finals, Houston Astros, Houston Texans, UFC, Boxing, NCAA Baseball Tournament and the Texas Taco,Tequila and Margarita Festival are the topics on this episode of "Sports Kings After Dark"

Sports Kings After Dark
Saturday and Sunday 10pm-midnight
SB Nation Radio 1560 AM Houston


The most entertaining Sports Talk Show in Houston “Sports Kings After Dark” with Allie, David, Chris and MeanGene.


SB Nation Radio 1560 AM Houston

Saturday’s/Sunday’s 10pm-midnight





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