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February 15th, 2014    

Sports Kings NBA Allstar Weekend Show “Live” from New Orleans

It's the 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend Show "live" from New Orleans. It's also our first show of the year on WWPR AM 1490 in Tampa Florida.

MeanGene in on location in New Orleans, Ronnie will join me from San Diego and we're talking NBA All-Star Basketball on this special edition of the Sports Kings Talk Show.

NBA All-Star Weekend 2014

Sports Kings Talk Show

Tampa Florida

WWPR AM 1590


February 1st, 2014    

Sports Kings Super Bowl Show Feb 2014

Special Guest: The Princess (Annabella) and Rod Johnson....

Wow, the end is finally here, the biggest game of the year will take place on Sunday February 2, 2014. If you've never been to a Super Bowl, let me tell you, its an experience unlike anything you could imagine.

You can tell right away, its not like a regular season game or a playoff game, it's a magical experience that you must see for yourself. Now, I'm not sure what the cold outdoor weather experience will be like, but it should still have the same impact that all Super Bowls have, I mean, its the biggest game of the year.

Join us for our last broadcast of the year on WCGO AM 1590 in Chicago.

We have enjoyed our time in Chicago, especially the kind folks at WCGO, thanks for everything!

Sports Kings Talk Show

WCGO AM 1590 Chicago

MeanGene and Ronnie Brooks